The Beautiful Future | 美好的未来

The Beautiful Future

The Beautiful Future is a unique collaboration between Nick Bonner of Koryo Studio, Dominic Johnson-Hill of Plastered 8, and selected North Korean artists. Each piece was hand-painted in Pyongyang, and based on Nick and Dominic’s sketches inspired by their 20 years in China. They wanted to portray a place lost in time, uniting a challenging past, a dynamic present and an imagined future where all is bright and beautiful. As outsiders looking in, Nick, Dominic and the North Korean artists have created a city whose socialist traditions are juxtaposed with present pleasures and modern city idols.


作为一项独特的艺术创作项目,合作方包括万寿台艺术工作室的Nick Bonner、创可贴8的江森海和数名朝鲜艺术家。 基于Nick和江森海所创作的草图,每幅作品均由艺术家在平壤手工 绘制而成,而草图的创作来源则是两位在中国长达二十年生活中所迸发 的无限灵感。作品所要描绘的主题是某地迷惘的一代,他们经历了痛苦 的过往,生活在充满活力的当下,憧憬着一片美好、光明的未来。作为 局外人的Nick、江森海和朝鲜艺术家,他们描绘的都市中有着众多社会 主义的传统,同时又充斥着各种享乐和现代的都市符号。

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